At RBNY Physical Therapy, we strive to provide personalized, exemplary physical therapy care and wellness for the Rockaway community. As the only locally owned and operated physical therapy office, we maintain a direct relationship with your referring physician to employ the appropriate care for each person. Whether an orthopedic injury, spinal injury, a recent surgery, or a balance issue, our office provides the equipment, atmosphere and caring, attentive staff to help you achieve your goals and get results.

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Orthopedic and Neurologic physical therapy

We offer a combination of physical therapy modalities, hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic and neuromuscular re-education exercises to target the specific needs of each condition or injury. We work with a wide range of surgical, sports injury, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. 

Spinal physical therapy

At RBNY Physical Therapy, we adopt the McKenzie Method of diagnosis and treatment which utilizes the mechanics and fundamentals of the spine in combination with a hands on manual approach and tailored exercises to ensure successful treatment. We work with a wide range of spinal issues such as sciatica, spinal stenosis, muscle strains and surgical conditions.

Balance conditions

Balance conditions are comprised of one or multiple balance system issues. The balance program consists of the evaluation where in the therapist will determine which system or systems - proprioception, vision or vestibular - are the main causes. The treatment is then individualized to each area of weakness and the patient's goals. We offer one on one physical therapy sessions every tuesday and thursday from 830 am til 2 pm. Each session a physical therapist will directly work with you only for the entire duration.