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Megan D'Onofrio, Belle Harbor

The care I received at RBNY Physical Therapy was excellent! I am so grateful for Katie and the rest of the RBNY team! 

I started physical therapy in August 2016 one week after giving birth to my beautiful son. I suffered severe nerve damage and muscle artophy in both of my legs from a difficult labor and delivery. I was scared of the unknown- would I ever walk again? All of those nervous, anxious feelings were put at ease once I met Katie at my first session of physical therapy. Katie is a knowledgable, kind, caring professional who worked with me at every single session over the course of eight months. She was patient with me and was fully aware of the types of various exercises I needed to preform in order to regain the strength in both of my legs and ultimately walk again. She also gave me the confidence to continue the exercises at home on the days I did not have physical therapy.

Thanks to Katie and her team, I have regained all of my strength and feel like my old self again! I highly recommend RBNY to anyone who needs physical therapy!!!

Elisabeth Grunig,  Rockaway Beach

Elisabeth Grunig,

Rockaway Beach

Within a year I had two total knee replacements and began physical therapy at RBNY Physical Therapy.  It has been an excellent choice.

I have been extremely satisfied with the level and quality of the therapy given.  The therapists and their assistants are knowledgeable, professional, warm and caring.  Each person is treated as an individual, given increasing exercises as they progress, watched at all times and given constant encouragement and direction.   The therapists ask questions, listen carefully and work on each patient individually every session.  The plant itself is cheerful and decorated according to the season.  It is obvious the people working there are happy as reflected in their attitudes toward the patients and each other.  It has bred a concern and caring attitude for each other among the patients as well.  Bottled water is available to all as well as small individual snacks.  Everyone from the office staff to the therapists to their assistants know each patient by name and have a pleasant and cheerful manner.  The waiting time is negligible and every effort is made to accommodate the patient’s schedule and needs.

While one may not look forward to needing physical therapy, RBNY Physical Therapy is the place to go for the best of care.   I highly recommend them.






Debbie McCabe, Rockaway

After 16 years of avoiding neck surgery for injuries sustained from an auto accident, I have taken alternative routes to lessen my neck and back pain. I have been in Physical Therapy too many times over the years and no other practice compares to the knowledgeable, compassionate, and supportive care i receive at RBNY Physical Therapy. Upon arrival i am always greeted with warmth and a smile! The quality of care and cleanliness of the office are superb, with state of the art equipment. I spent about three months at RBNY PT last year (appx. 3 days a week) with great results, and feeling the best i have in the past 16 years. Unfortunately, i had a flare up recently due to the stress of life- so i am back for more therapy. I look forward to the personal attention and level of comfort given at every session by Katie and her wonderful staff!!

Anonymous Patient:

RBNY Physical Therapy has provided great treatment for me. The friendly staff motivates you to push yourself. After only one week there has been a dramatic change in pain/discomfort. Looking forward to the next month to see my improvment! And after being at a few other physical therapy offices, there would only be one that I would come back to and that place is RBNY Physical Therapy!! Thanks for everything!!